Daydream (Student Project)



Designer: Lillian Li
Project Type: Student Project
School: PrattMWP
Course: Visual Communication
Tutor: Cindiana Koren
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Box, Cigarettes, Matches
Packaging Materials: Paper

Daydream is a conceptual cigarette brand, creating imaginary products that communicate an artistic idea. The name, Daydream, is based on the mental state while people smoking – they relax and think about stuff. Daydream cigarettes help people enter that fantasy world of daydreaming. Each pack of Daydream contains matches on one side and cigarettes on the other. Such packing design is inspired by the Danish fairy-tale The Little Match Girl, for the matches have a representation of fantasy or vision of hope.

What’s Unique?
The design of packaging is made by implementing paper marbling technique to create colorful dream-like patterns. Daydream comes with three different flavors, and each flavor has a different packaging and ingredients. Each flavor has a cohesive color palette and provides unique experience. Also, because Daydream is an imaginary product – the ingredients are completely harmless for the body.