Frost Ice-Cream – Caroline Berg Eriksen & Camilla Pihl

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Design Agency: Designhorse
3D-animation: FireGrader
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Geia Foods A/S
Location: Oslo, Norway
Packaging Contents: Ice-cream
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Ice-cream made in cooperation with Norwegian top lifestyle bloggers Caroline Berg Eriksen and Camilla Pihl.

”Frost” is a low calorie ice cream with only natural sweeteners – the first of it’s kind in Norway.

The ice-cream packaging category is very maximalistic and colorful. To differentiate, we choose to make a high-end packaging mimicking the design language of exclusive perfumes.

What’s Unique?
“Frost” represents a new segment in the Norwegian ice-cream category. A “lifestyle” ice-cream with a minimalistic design targeting grown-ups instead of children.

It’s also the first ice-cream suitable for diabetics.