Noa Skincare (Student Project)



Designer: Kelsey Layne
Project Type: Student Project
School: UCA Farnham
Course: Graphic Communication
Tutor: Tom Northy
Location: England
Packaging Contents: Bath soak, facial oil, face serum

Noa skincare was created on the premise that I found it difficult to find a product that was truly stripped back to nature and free of any impurities. The idea was to put forth a product with a clean label that is 100% organic ingrediants.

The Noa brand (which stands for Natural, Organic and Authentic), is targeted towards the millennial consumer as this is a generation that studies have shown to crave authenticity and are striving to gain control of their own well-being.

What’s Unique?
The design of the range differs from other organic products, as current designs resemble pharmacy or clinical bottles, whereas this design is bold and fresh. The idea of the design is to highlight that a product can be full of fragrance without being enhanced with perfumes and artificial colours, whilst remaining natural and organic.