Studio: Weekday Studio
Client: Roastorium
Creative Director: Nina Hans
Illustrator: Travis Bailey
Designer: Rachel Thompson
Photographer: Ken Tisuthiwongse
Printer: Roastar
Location : Los Angeles, California

Roastorium is Corpus Christi Texas’ first specialty coffee roaster. Being a small town with little coffee culture, it was important to make an inviting and easy to understand package and labeling system. With that in mind, we chose 3 bold color ways and patterns to represent light, medium, and dark. We sketched out coffee plants to subtly showcase to the customer the process each bean goes through from being picked, shipped, roasted, and packaged. Roastorium continually seeks out specialty beans from across the world, so we created a custom sticker system so that each small batch can be labeled, printed and each individual roast date can showcase the freshness of each bag.