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Design Agency: 2YOLK
Founding Managing Partner: Emmanouela Bitsaxaki
Founding Creative Partner: George Karayiannis
Graphic Designer: Filippos Avgeris
Studio Manager: Alexandra Papaloudi
Illustrator: Panagiotis Vassilatos
Copywriter: Despina Sakellaridi
Account Manager: Stefania Papakosta
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: 3P
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Dips

So & Jo, the line of traditional Greek dips, is a new idea for simple and quick meals with a Greek passport in the European market.

At 2yolk, the decision to not lead the branding of the new line of the 3P food industry down the crowded path of Greek Chic gave the cue for us to design packaging that avoids the clichés of the Greek exported products but also of this specific category. We designed and named the new brand with a pop attitude, one that fits a line of simple dips for every day snacking… with an exotic tone.

The brand name SO&JO resulted from the names of the creators of the 3P industry, with the intention to create a duo of friends like the ones who daily raid our fridges for a treat. We designed the packaging choosing a series of bright, pop art colours, discrete engravings of the main ingredients of each recipe and a vivid font that draws the attention to the original Greek names of the recipes, winking at the international cliché “it’s all Greek to me “.

The branding of yet another Greek product that claims a spot at the international market is always a bet for 2yolk; how do you explore the limits of “Greekness” and safely manage the international codes of taste and quality? The search must begin unbiased.