Start Somewhere | Limited Edition

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: The Blank Paper
Jewelry designer: Laura Contreras de LCONTRERAS
Lifestyle & travel creative blogger: Karina Ramos de HOPEFUL OUTSIDERS
Project Type: Collaboration
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Packaging Contents: 950 silver ring made in the traditional technique of filigree
Packaging Materials: Wood

The story
Start a life project entails a lot of work and dedication, today there are thousands of entrepreneurs working non-stop for his passions and dreams. That is why Lcontreras, The Blank Paper & Hopeful Outsiders decided to join our passions and skills of the most beautiful and special as possible.

We decided to come together to create something beautiful that helps inspire to take to the water and enjoy a creative entrepreneurial life.

Start Somewhere is our mantra, it is a physical reminder that all you need to do what one loves most is making the decision. Start slowly, work hard, learn from failures, stay humble and down on the ground after success. A memorandum that there is nothing cuter than live a life surrounded by things that one else passionate.

The Ring
950 silver ring made in the traditional technique of filigree designed and crafted by Lcontreras. This beautiful ring was designed to remind, encourage and inspire all those who seek to take that beautiful decision to pursue what they want most.

Start Somewhere Inside
The beauty is in the details, for this reason this project is so special for us. We want every person who decides to join us feel that love and unconditional support. This collaboration, this ring will inspire a personal way to really pursue what they want no matter what comes.

This limited edition includes:
– Packaging of collection Start Somewhere by The Blank Paper

– 950 silver ring handmade by Lcontreras

– Start Somewhere: The Story Behind by Hopeful Outsiders

– Concrete pentagon plate by DDomingo

Create something that causes a revolution in your heart
This whole project was born out of pure love what we do. Each of us knows everything that implies to follow our passion, hard work, stress, joy, satisfaction and pride. We hope that each of you dare to believe everything they have inside.

And remember that all you have to do is START NOW!

What’s Unique?
The brush lettering is used throughout the packaging to highlight the project title and concept giving an added value for being completely manual. A combination of colors (white, black and silver) is performed to give an attractive and unique color.