Symphony of Flavours (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Lhente Strydom
Project Type: Student Project
School: Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography
Course: BA in Visual Communication
Tutor: Cashandra Willemse
Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Packaging Contents: Dark Chocolate
Packaging Materials: Paper, Cardboard & Wood

The aim of the brief was to rebrand De Villiers Artisan Chocolate in order to communicate the brand’s unique sensory flavour experience.

Inspired by the phrase “Why explain something with words, for which there are none?”, my concept aims to communicate the unique flavour palette of each artisan chocolate through classical symphonies. I paired the artisan chocolates with classical symphonies written by South African composers. This unique experience aims to engage the viewer and give customers a manner in which to listen to what the chocolate might taste like. This pairing is not only unique, but will enhance the overall flavour of each chocolate.

The packaging makes use of black and white on the outside as to not spoil the content or flavours of the chocolate, and of course gold foiling to communicate the products quality.

How it works: On the front of the packaging as well as in the promotional box you will find the QR code, which you scan to listen to the classical symphony. These symphonies ‘communicates’ the flavour of the chocolate within, as well as the order in which these intensity of flavours are released when enjoying the chocolates.

On the outside of the packaging (on the front of the packaging) as well as inside (the wrapper) the symphonies which accompanies each chocolate are visually depicted as sound waves. Once opened, the wrappers of the chocolate also depicts the same sound-waves with splashes of colour to further communicate the burst of unique flavours found in these artisan dark chocolates.

The promotional packaging, which is a wooden box with “Symphony of Flavours” engraved on the front, includes taster samples of the three different artisan dark chocolates as well as complimentary earphones.

What’s Unique?
Unlike normal chocolate packaging, this artisan chocolate packaging aims to engage the viewer in a sensory experience of classical symphonies and the rich flavours of De Villiers artisan dark chocolate. This packaging urges people to use their phone in store to scan the QR code seen on the pack, to listen to the classical symphony given in order to get an idea of what their chocolate might taste like. The packaging is made to go further, it takes you on a sensory trip of flavours.