Taliesin (Student Project)



Designer Ana Paulsen
Photographer: Don Paulsen
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art
Course: Package Design 2: Executing 3D Design
Tutor: Thomas McNulty
Location: Roseville, CA, USA
Packaging Contents: Interior waterborne paint
Packaging Materials: plastic paint cans

Project Objectives: chose a well–known architect or designer and create a new line of interior household paints in accordance with their artistic style.

Project Outcomes:
I wanted to create a design that speaks to the timelessness of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural designs and gives the consumer the inspiration to create. Each paint contains the colours used in the creation of the original architectural designs so that the consumer can more closely recreate the feel of his designs.

For this project I designed part of a interior paint collection inspired entirely by his former home “Taliesin” and so all of the colours he used are represented on each paint can. On the lid I have shown a gridded pattern using the colour of the paint in the can so that the consumer can more easily see how each colour interacts with the others in the set. Throughout this design, I used angular as well as rounded edges similar to what he is well–known to have used in his design work so that the paints are easily recognizable as having been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique design vision.