Teekanne Tea (Student Project)



Designer: Nemanja Stojaković
Project Type: Student Project
School: Univerzitet za poslovne studije
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Zoran Gajić
Location: Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the last semester, my “Packaging design” assignment was to choose a brand from the food/beverage industry and redesign its packaging. I decided to go with TEEKANNE tea, and as soon as I made first sketches I knew exactly how I wanted it to look at the end.

I wanted it to reflect my design style, which is usually simple, but at the same time bold and always spiced with vivid coloring.

In addition to regular, one-flavour package, I also designed a set of three boxes which packs three different flavours.

What’s Unique?
Illustrations on the boxes are positioned in a way that they show the flavour once two boxes are positioned side-by-side.