Weingut Heidenreich



Design Agency: Unicorn Studio Moscow
Designer: Nikolay Kupriyanov
Illustrator: Anna Vsesviatskaya
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Weingut Heidenreich
Location: Moscow, Russia / Wagram, Austria
Packaging Contents: Wine

Unicorn Studio Moscow has created a series of bottle labels for the Austrian winery Weingut Heidenreich.

The line consists of five monovarietal wines: three white and two red. These are simple wines for every day, so we chose a soft and friendly style approach, free of genre cliches and excessive pathos.

Stories on the labels tell about organoleptic properties of each grape variety. For example, Cabernet Franc is a wine with aroma of fallen leaves, autumn and rain, so its label is decorated with transparent autumn landscape. Crispy like spring air, Grüner Veltliner reminds of the fragrance of blooming meadows – and for it we’ve created an inspiring blue label with bright colors.

And of course, there is Sauvignon Blanc with cats, hiding among the blue lupines. This cute image has an ulterior meaning: Sauvignon Blanc has a very distinct note called “pipi de chat”, or “cat’s pee” in the sommelier’s language. We’ve decided to play with this fun fact and made kitty a main character on the label.