Bock Albus Wine (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Koroknai Kira, Hidvégi Anna
Photography: Norbert Perness, Sára Szatmári
Retouching: Kira Koroknai
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hungary
Packaging Contents: Wine packaging
Packaging Materials: Paper

Our concept is a paraphrase. The photo based packaging on the outside was inspired by still life Vanitas paintings, using a ram skull as the main element, surrounded by wild flowers. The skull is representing the winery by reflecting on their logo.

In contrast, the inner label itself has a very clean, purely typographical style, accompanying a single small illustration- our refined Bock logo. For the label we’ve chosen the eye-catching GT Sectra font family. As a “modernised blackletter” we thought this typeface will fit into our concept.

The photoshoot of the final packaging has a strong allegorical representation style, as in the 17th-18th century ideal beauty was mainly investigated by sensations and feelings generated by art in the viewer. We’ve created several still life sets around the main element -the bottle- surrounded by fruits and spices reflecting on the wine’s flavors. The final photos are not only for the eyes but also trying to stimulate smelling and tasting at the same time.