Dunya Harvest

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Derrick Lin


Company: Shah Trading Company
In house designer (Shah Trading Company): Oorbee Roy
Brand Strategy: Kelly Deuster
Project Director: Sanjeev Shah
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Toronto, Canada
Packaging Contents: Pantry Staples like Rice, Quinoa, Lentils, Black Beans, Chia Seeds etc.
Packaging Materials: Stand-Up Resealable Plastic

Dunya means the world, and with each harvest comes the best that nature has to offer. Explore different ingredients from around the world. Experience new tastes and old favorites. Discover what makes you happy.

Shah Trading Company is a second generation family owned and operated business. We started over 40 years ago in response to a lack of ethnic food staples accessible to immigrants entering Canada. Now we are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of healthy, organic, specialty, and ethnic pantry staples in Canada. We have travelled the world and built an extensive network of farmers, growers, and producers. We design and manufacture everything in-house, so we have complete control of the product from start to finish – even our designer is in-house.

For the second generation, we have grown up in the food business, from weekends at the warehouse, to listening to our fathers “talk shop” at the dining table. Only our love of family transcends our love of both food and business but for us, they are all deeply interconnected. Dunya Harvest is our response to a lack of accessible healthy pantry staples for any budget.

Our packaging evokes a sense of adventure for everyday consumers who are both health and budget conscious yet aspire to try world cuisine. They will reach for our products because we are authentic and trustworthy, without being too traditional or exclusive.

The brand is looking to connect with American retailers and distributors who are keen to attract more health and budget-conscious shoppers. The Dunya Harvest line of products resonates primarily with health-conscious shoppers, such as Millennials and moms. We are launching this product at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, #1554.