This Is Not A Juice, This Is An Invitation

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Designer: kissmiklos
Photographers: Eszter Cseh & Kevin Harald Campean
Project Type: Invitation
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Packaging Contents: Cold Pressed Juice
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper

The objective of the Liget Budapest Project is for the renewed City Park to become a tourist destination with a complexity, quality and international appeal unrivalled by any other in Europe. Before the construction, and after the winner landscape architectural plans, they organised a bicycle picnic, where they would like to reconciled about the new cycle ways.

Invitation for representatives of the press.

I came up with a creative invitation, which is related to biking and Ligeti as well. I bought 14 pieces of green cold pressed juices. I designed a typical Juice label, which was the invitation. We sent every final personalised juices with bike couriers to the given addresses.

What’s Unique?
This is not a juice, this is a creative and unique personalised invitation for a bicycle picnic.