Transparent Concept

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Packaging design: VisualPack
Graphic design: Suavinex
Packaging manufacturer: VisualPack
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Suavinex
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Child care products, cosmetic, pharmacy
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Suavinex trusted us for the design and the manufacture of packaging. A collection of transparent plastic packaging squander calm and clean, straight and safe lines to transmit the highest trust to the consumer.

Our project aims to give value to the concept that is really important for our customer ” The Product ” a clean and minimalist packaging that shows the content. We shouldn’t permit to the packaging competing with the product because this is a safe-conduct to call the consumer attention. In addition to translating our graphic communication we can offer the opportunity to reveal the physical characteristics of what will be purchased in the point of sale.