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Company: Wheelys Café
Designer: Helena Melander
Manufacturer: Stefan Skoglund
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Raw Chocolate
Packaging Materials: Paper and coloured foil

Wheelys Café, a Swedish Y Combinator startup operating hi-tech organic bike cafés in over 65 countries. Wheelys idea is simple: to lower the threshold for young people to start their own café. We are currently working on creating our own line of superfoods, one of the products we’ve just finished is raw chocolate.

What’s Unique?
Most raw chocolates have a earthy color scheme and “eco-friendly” look, we decided to do the opposite and instead create a punchy and colourful design that stands out among the rest.

In creating this packaging design we had to consider the very small size on these chocolates, they’re only 50g per bar which gave us less space to work with. We also had to consider picking the right foil to match the packaging since it’s an open design.