Coppertail Brewing Co.’s Brews Banner IPA

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: SPARK
Illustrator: Evan B. Harris
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Coppertail Brewing Co.
Location: Tampa, FL, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer

Coppertail Brewing Co.’s limited edition Brews Banner Imperial IPA is packed with 11% alcohol and enough hops to turn this foam green. This inspired the nuclear vibe and the story of the mad scientist you can spot on the label, which incorporates color for Coppertail for the first time, and the hand-stamped 4-packs:

Deep in the Florida swamps lives a nuclear chemist who was sent in the 1940s by the government to research different applications of nuclear science. In his laboratory, he also brewed beer to enjoy after long hours of experimenting. One day, he accidentally spilled some radioactive fluid into a barrel of hops. To his amazement a powerful, tantalizing formula was created. He was thrilled over his discovery and reported to his superiors, but they were uninterested and scrapped his program. Furious, he remained in the swamps and continued to make his bold brew with reckless abandon.

Years ago, the Coppertail was traveling inland to the swamps and, drawn by the strong scent of hops, discovered the laboratory. Having been alone for so long, the chemist was excited to meet a fellow beer lover and shared his brew with the Coppertail. Delighted by the unique and tasty beverage, the Coppertail offered to transport barrels of the beer back west so that others can taste the glory that is Brews Banner. Now, the Coppertail makes a yearly trip, grabbing as much of it as possible and sharing it with the people of Tampa Bay.