Le Petit Marseillais – Douceurs Fruitées (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: TONCIN Jessy
Project Type: Student Project
School: MJM Graphic Design
Course: Infography
Location: Paris, France
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Materials: Paper, tissue paper

This student project aims to create a new range of «Le Petit Marseillais». It includes making labels of three soaps ( watermelon / strawberry – kiwi / banana – orange / mango) , a box including these soaps and leaflets .

In my concept , I was inspired by an old advertising of «Le Petit Marseillais» based on a poem which said «It is better the ideal soap which proves dressed in a newspaper that you can’t judge a book by its cover .»

So I wanted to play with appearances and on the effect of surprise to give a playful side to this family brand. At first, we have a simple, purified packaging and when we open it, we discover a colorful and fruity universe. Moreover, as soaps are unpacked, we see other things appearing.