Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: PopArt Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Serbia
Packaging Contents: Cheese
Packaging Materials: Paper

Salt & Wet is premium domestic cheese produced by a local souvenir, food & wine shop/bistro from Primošten, Croatia. The region of Dalmatia is famous not only for the Dalmatian dog breed, but for cheese as well. Karts (Croatian kras) terrain of the region is specific because it is formed from limestone and dolomite, which together sculpt breathtaking wild landscapes, ideal for sheep farming. And that is exactly where Salt & Wet cheese is produced.

Created with the idea to bring something unique to the market, besides the exquisite taste of this cheese brand, the project included Logo and Cheese label design. Even though non-standard in food product design, the black label is contrasted with the mild yellow color of cheese and along with the logo with playful typography, this project is one of our favorite ones because it resembles chalkboard, which make the whole thing more attractive to consumers.