Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: CBA
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Sound products
Location: USA

Helping Universal Audio bring iconic sound to the mass market

CBA recently created a brand expression for Universal Audio, the professional recording equipment brand responsible for the sound of iconic artists from Ray Charles to the Beach Boys. These days, Universal Audio’s new look is blowing other brands off the shelves.

To the experts, Universal Audio has been synonymous with innovative recording sound since the 1950’s. But when the brand decided to extend their offering to the mass market, they needed an expression that could voice the products’ superior capabilities…without being too noisy.

To help the icon resonate with consumers in big box stores, CBA created a clear and understated design system that packs a punch for Universal Audio’s new range of products, using photography to express what words cannot: the potential to create truly epic sound.