Clorox Redesign (Student Project)



Designer: Bobin Gao
Project Type: Student Project
Photographer: Jason Ware
School: Art Center College of Design
Course: Packaging 02
Instructor: Ania Borysiewicz
Location: California, USA
Packaging Contents: Household cleaning products

My rebranding and repackaging of Clorox bring a refreshing experience to cleaning with added simplicity and efficiency. Clorox’s leading product is mostly table salt – a natural element that disinfects germs, filth and other contaminations. Think of your cleaner as a detox for your precious home. Clorox cleanses and keeps you and your family protected. My goal for this project is to create a collection of packaging that fits in with millennials’ lifestyles and living spaces so that Clorox can expand their user market through the redesign.

What’s Unique?
Elemental, cleansing, conscious, empathetic, calculated and protective are the six brand attributes that guide my design process. All of the packagings are designed around the user, whether it is a radius at the bottom of the bleach bottle to help pouring liquid out easily, or the use of transparent material so that user can be aware of their product usage.