Derrick Lin


Agency: Hornall Anderson
Team: David Bates, Michael Henderson, Rob Zweibel, Lauren Dirusso
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: USA

Our vision for Evolution Fresh was to create a vibrant and expressive brand that would feel alive on shelf and hold true to its brand heritage. Through visual cues from the rich colors and textures of ingredients and inspiration from local farmers markets, the element of personal touch and human quality shines. Every aspect of the brand connects back to nature.

With over 200 juice offerings to speak for, we created a system that would communicate flavor but still fall in line with the vibrant brand. By using paint strokes and layering colors in sunbursts, the richness of the juice flavors came alive on pack.

The Evolution Fresh brand is not just a juice company but a lifestyle. It is a seed for change and health awareness in the world. It is the layers and the mixing of our cultures, our food, and our environments. It is a symbol of the purest and freshest ingredients that we all are able to share.