Flavtiss Tissue (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Edwin
Project Type: Student Project
School: Multimedia Nusantara University
Course: Graphic Design
Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Facial Tissue
Packaging Materials: Paper

On packaging design class, the assignment asked the student to create a ‘unique fictional product’ and then randomly exchange it with another student in the class to do the packaging design.

The random product brief I got is a fruity perfumed facial tissue for kids. It has three kinds of flavour (orange, grape, and apple) and the client wants the packaging to be extremely unique in triangle shape.

After that I did some research about the market and competitors to find the problems before started with the design. The problems I found are:
– So many competitors in Indonesia market
– Unique packaging design usually create more waste, consider the sustainability

To handle those problems, I came up with some solution from the brainstorming process:
– Different approach from usual facial tissue packaging (competitors)
– Display it in unique way to attracts buyers (color & display instruction)
– Make it collectible and easily refilled (sustainable) with glueless design

What’s Unique?
A different approach for facial tissue packaging, modular triangle shape, glueless design, secondary packaging for sales display and bundling carrier.