Fruitessence Soap – Le Petit Marseillais (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Marion Fagnot
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Paris, Italy
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Materials: Paper

This student project is aims to modernize the brand of soap Le Petit Marseillais.

The universe of the brand is so oriented around the Botanical, Nature and Authenticity. Botanical, guideline for the realization of the packaging box of 3 soaps of the new range Le Petit Marseillais since it highlights the perfume soaps, namely : Watermelon/Strawberry, Orange/Mango and Banana/Kiwi. In nature when it is taken in the brand slogan, “Beauty is born in nature.” Le Petit Marseillais is committed to show the importance of nature in cosmetics and its many benefits to our body. Thus Products Le Petit Marseillais combine traditional botanical active and new technologies, old and modern beauty ritual gestures. Finally authenticity, the brand wants to turn to traditional gestures, authentic but also uses natural materials and raw guarantees authenticity.