Manos Negras (Concept)

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Creative Agency: Tao Design Argentina
Creative: Federico Tirini
Project Type: Concept
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Paper

Manos Negras is a clear example of what we are looking at Tao for each job: a concept.

The brief developed by Jeff Mausbach and Alejandro Sejanovich (both Directors of Bodega Manos Negras) was for the development of the wine label “Manos Negras”

It clearly mentioned in the following:

“True winemakers get their hands dirty. Hands stained with wine. It is the philosophy of Manos Negras “roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. So do these wines. “

After rereading the brief several times, noting the emphasis Jeff put these words, we think that the most direct and simple was that we to paint our hands to design it.

Our hand was the mold and the road, the final mark that gave shape to this great wine.

For the photo we choose ATREVIDA 2011, reflecting the passionate spirit of Argentina. A combination of old-world elegance with spicy Latin pinch. Argentina’s culture is lively, passionate