Warszawa, Polska

Creative Agency: Brandy Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: OCTIM
Location: Poland
Packaging Materials: Glass, plastic

The aim of rebranding the OCTIM’s vinegar packaging design was to introduce the brand to the mass market, yet at the same time preserve its local and traditional character.

For the line of flavored vinegars Brandy Design studio proposed a smart and elegant design, that would give the packaging a premium look. To obtain this, we created a label that wraps the bottle like a serpentine and added subtle golden accents, that also underline the logotype.

The rebranding strategy for the spirit vinegar line was quite different. We decided to make a bold design, that would strongly stand out. Due to the vividly yellow label and big brand name on the front, it’s hard not to notice the product on a store shelf. The previous, old-fashioned visualizations of vegetables were replaced by an unobtrusive, monochrome graphics. As a result, the packaging designs of OCTIM’s spirit vinegar are modern, simple and invigorating.