Sobsan Paint Can

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Derrick Lin


Art Director, Graphic Designer: Emiliance.ismailov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: SOBSAN
Location: Azerbaijan, Baku
Packaging Contents: Paint
Packaging Materials: Aluminium

Producer of varnish-and-paint goods “Remzi-S” LLC, which is regional distributor of “DuPont” and “Troy corporation” companies and possesses ISO 9001:2008 international certificate of quality standard, has started its activity since 1999 under “SOBSAN” trademark. Those were times of creation of partnership relationships and growth of international business contacts in post-soviet space, which demanded implementation of new standards in quality and services. Now traditionally high image of modern enterprise is determined by the work of company staff in many respects, which is capable to meet challenges of any level of complexity. Firm production basis, favorable geographical location for exporting, stable demand for production and highly skilled specialists – these are the ground allowing the plant to enter into new century with confidence remaining a leader of paintwork production in the region.

State-of-the-art equipment and work of highly skilled staff ensure precise realization of ideas laid in the basis of production philosophy. Complying with all necessary requirements for the production “Remzi-S” LLC guarantees reliability and high quality of produced goods and their conformity with international standards. That’s why “Remzi-S” LLC doesn’t concede to European producers in respect of level of technique and maintaining of the production quality. Work of the plant is oriented to western standards and technology, which considerably facilitates erection of partnership ties with foreign companies. And this signifies not only introduction of production to foreign markets but also, which is more important, considerable diversification of varnish-and-paint products with moderate price and high quality destined for domestic consumer. It should be noted also the fact that the company production engineers are attaching importance to production of environmentally clean and qualitative products, which will not violate integrity of environment and have negative effect on human health.