Dalia Cosmetics (Concept)



Designer: Lia Kazantzidou
Project Type: Concept
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics

Dalia is a Greek company which products cosmetics for women and sells worldwide. Dalia’s goal is to create natural cosmetics, no animal tested, with old fashion granny style and elegant, since it addresses to all kinds of ages through its shop and its website. The final brand name was the Dalia. Direct and with no excesses it gives us the impression that is talking about a natural perfumed product. Design could be directed more freely to give the concept result.

The font was designed by hand and its a curved font respect to the women figure. A particularity of the logo that makes the font more recognizable is the circle that is cut from the letter “a”.The circle represent the woman shape and liquid sense of the product. To create this old fashion style, I designed several flowers and a dalia to decorate my designs. This will make easier to understand that our product is natural, cosmetic and for women.

What’s Unique?
The illustrations that made by hand and the minimal – old fashion – clean design.