Creative Agency: Uprise
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Apu Company
Location: Mongolia, & Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Materials: Glass

The APU сompany is the largest producer of alcohol in Mongolia. It launches a new vodka brand, called EDEN. Development of packaging design is implemented by the UPRISE branding agency.

EDEN is the premium category of vodka. For its production the purest natural water, high-quality “Alpha” spirit and fruit extracts are used.

On an emotional level EDEN is the purity and harmony of pristine Nature.

The symbol of the brand and the main element of the package was the deer, whose serene and wise gaze penetrates through. “There’s something fascinating and mysterious in this character”, says Alexey Astakhov, the head of the project, “it’s like the Nature is looking at you.”

A carefully traced ornament, local color accents, the author’s calligraphy, stamping on the gift box, the volumetric effect, which was created by the leaves on the back side of the bottle, the combination of opaque and clear glass, all this creates a holistic and crafted brand image of the new EDEN vodka of the premium category.