Creative Agency: 13g.
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: France
Packaging Materials: Wood and paper

My name is Nicolas, I’m a France-based designer and engineer and my last project consist in a new way to gift people you care about. I’ve created a box designed to enhance the emotions and surprise felt by your loved one when they open a gift you’ve given them. The main focus of the design was to enhance the element of surprise. A fun system of paper-folding, like an origami, filled with personal photos comes to cover a beautiful wooden box that hides your gifts. As the photos allow you to choose the mood you want to give to this moment, the box can be a gift for your sweetheart, your friends, and your family alike.

The colorful collections, inspired by Ethnic and Memphis patterns, were designed by the talented collective 13Gr.

The project has been launched on Kickstarter.

What’s Unique?
People choose what will be the box content. The lack of indication on how to open the box emphasizes the element of surprise. Inside the box, some magnets keep it closed, while others give hints on how to continue opening it. As the paper-folding opens in a specific way, it gives the opportunity to tell a small story photo after photo.

Once the box is opened, the folding can be placed on a fridge or on a wall to embellish your home and remind you every day of this beautiful moment.