Shameless Self Promotion & Creative CV (Concept)



Designer: Liza Pedersen
Project Type: Concept
Location: Karlstad, Sweden
Packaging Contents: Self promotion packaging, CV, Cover letter
Packaging Materials: Paper

As a young, ambitious and creative designer who are at the beginning of my career, I want to show the artistic, creative and passionate side of my creative soul. I wanted to create a personal packaging project that shows who I am as a designer, but also to promote myself and be remembered when I’m looking for my dream job. So rather than just sending a cover letter and my resume, I created a handmade, shameless self promotion packaging & creative CV. The package includes a printed portfolio of my current work, a personal letter, contact details and also a small gift to (hopefully) seal the deal.

Aside from showcasing my work in a unique and innovative way by highlighting my skills as a packaging designer, I wanted to incorporate my personal interest with graphic design so my potential future employer gets to know me. My main goal was to show how I work as a designer and my approach in this business, showing that I am consistent, dedicated and love craftsmanship when working with projects.

What’s Unique?
I wanted to stand out in the jungle of creative designers, so I created my personal letter and CV in the form of a Pantone map. I created a mini box with a top and bottom that would fit in the mailbox without problems. By using eye-catching typography and big numbers combined with recurring colors and icons, I created a clear visual language that consistent displays in which order you should check out the different objects. My creative CV shows that I might be the one the design agencies been looking for.