Arcor Natural Break

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Creative Agency: Cornicelli
Creative Director: Fernando Cornicelli
Account Director: Mariana Rota
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Arcor Group
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Packaging Contents: Healthy Snacks

Buenos Aires, October 2016. – Cornicelli Studio developed for Arcor its new project Arcor Natural Break, a new product for the healthy snacks category. Besides participating in the strategic definitions of the launch, Cornicelli developed the positioning and the symbolic proposal, and also generated the naming and branding of this new product, designed the packaging and, finally, the creativity for its TV commercial, first in Chile and now in Argentina .

“In Arcor we seek that different consumers can access our products according to their nutritional needs and personal tastes. With Arcor Natural Break, the company expands its portfolio with a tasty, healthy and nutritious snack that can be eaten in any time of day”, says Martin Virues, Regional Marketing Manager for Arcor Group.

What’s Unique?
To develop this project we raised the challenge of investigating and analyzing the paradigm shift in feeding we are attending. We are witnessing a global transformation that includes Argentina at every level. This implies a new consumer thinking, and understanding their demands and expectations, as strategic partners of our client.

The project builds the concept “The natural break your day needs” to appropriate the positioning of enjoying healthy snacks between meals. This product introduces Arcor in the Argentine market as one of the industry pioneers in this area.