Creative Agency: creativebydefinition
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ATI Delicates
Location: Czech Republic

Creativebydefinition has created a new innovating representation for ATI new line of vegetable cans. This packaging design already received an award from Creativity Awards and it will certainly capture customer imagination.

As part of ongoing work for Ati Company, a concept design was developed that presents the new series of products: cherry tomatoes peeled & chopped tomatoes, white & red beans.

“Measuring quality using technical dimensions“

The concept idea was to show the vegetables like they are nature’s 3D models with perfect dimensions.

To further highlight the freshness of the products – instead of using images, 3D models & illustrations were created for the perfect, tasty tomatoes & beans and dimensions lines were used to measure them.

Innovative characteristics:
The lines & arrows represent dimensions lines that are used to emphasize the perfect size of the tomato / bean – put accent on its taste & natural quality, its singularity.

The 3D models & illustrations of the vegetables are presented like technical details of nature’s best work.

The labels are using white canvas with one black stripe – leaving the strong, vivid colors to be illustrated by the vegetables.

The concept wants to introduce the tomato / bean to the public like a singular entity, making it “the unique fresh star of the show”.