Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Pivot Marketing
Creative Director: Liz Schwartz
Designer: Sarah Wielusz
Illustrators: Michael Bast, Sarah Wielusz
Copywriter: John Tomkiw
Account: Heather Bult
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hello Delicious! Brands
Location: Chicago, USA
Packaging Contents: Snack Food, Fig, Strawberry, Chia, Blueberry, Acai
Packaging Materials: Matte plastic

Hello Delicious! Brands wanted to make a splash in a snoozy snack category, committed to shaking it up and changing the perception of the venerable but much-maligned fig cookie. Trouble was, consumers previously saw these snacks as decidedly downbeat, dominated by thin, dried-out crumbly offerings. Given that Hello Delicious! was crafting plump, fruit-filled poppable drops in a variety of fun flavors, it was important to ensure the packaging conveyed a different kind of experience. So, we began with a competitive analysis, then quickly moved into a naming exercise, coming up with dozens of names to position the product accordingly. When the Figgin’ Fruit brand was launched, it was launched with a vibrant, playful set of packages, touting a whimsical mascot in Cap’n Mac Figgins and a backstory that amped up the fun in fruit. By all indications, our work ensured that Figgin’ Fruit is not your father’s fig cookie.