German Distillery 1113

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Creative Agency: WERKSDESIGN
Designer: Volker Schumann
Photographer: Negar Azimi-Hashemi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Distillery 1113
Location: Brilon, Germany
Packaging Contents: Spirits
Packaging Materials: Glass

German-based new founded distillery 1113 produces noble spirits and schnapps exclusively hand crafted and required a fundamental design for the company. The solution was delivered by Berlin-based agency Werksdesign with the logo, complete corporate design and the luxurious glass bottle in two sizes.

Puristic linear bottle design and the irregularities on the glass surface emphasize the character of 1113 company as a supplier of limited high-quality spirits, which are well known and appreciated in the gourmet cuisine within short time.

What’s Unique?
The horizontally mounted hand lettered label underlines the individual contemporary personality of the content and it’s artisan production.

The 1113 bottle impresses with its elegant and independent design and we also have ventured along new paths in technology: With the horizontal glass shoulder of the bottle a real challenge in the production was mastered.