Luxury Water Bottles For Bijenkorf (Student Project)



Designer: Petie de Groot
Project Type: Student Project
School: Willem de Kooning Academy
Course: Packaging design
Tutor: Marcel Verhaaf
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Drinks
Packaging Materials: Plastic, felt

Luxury water bottles for Bijenkorf, a dutch leading department store.

What makes a product luxury almost exclusive?

Create three bottles of water packaging for still, light sparkling or sparkling water and three with a flavor in the water that will invite the customer to buy this luxury water for a higher price than the normal water bottles.

What’s Unique?
This design makes you wanna buy fancy water; using good quality (hard plastic bottle’s, which can be reused) and minimal design (a water wave printed on the bottle) which represents different flavor through colors, gives the user a well spent experience. The customer will carry the bottle in a unique bag (which can be reused as well) made of felt, as if it’s a jewelry.