Raugyklos g. 3-5, 01140 Vilnius, Lithuania

Creative Agency: étiquette
Photographer: Benas Navanglauskas, Andrius Penkauskas
Photography: Styling Valerija Žilėnienė, Gintarė Ribikauskaitė
Art direction & design: Valerija Žilėnienė, Gintarė Ribikauskaitė, Irmantas Savulionis, Algirdas Orantas
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: UAB Vilniaus Duona
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Bread
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Packaging for a new SPELTA bread, based on existing Toste product family. Spelt is an ancient kind of wheat, which is now gaining popularity as a healthier alternative. The product is unique to the market. Strong shelf impact is mandatory.

In Lithuania, new bread products are often presented in a very traditional way, with no clear target audience.

Unexpected design with lots of text. A trendy graphic approach, not yet used in Lithuanian bread packaging. For paper-like effect, matted varnish finish was used.