APOLLON (Student Project)

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Designer: Dang Vo
Project Type: Student Project
School: UQAM
Course: Packaging
Tutor: Sylvain Allard
Location: Montreal, Canada
Packaging Contents: Cannabis Cigare
Packaging Materials: Cardstock

The interest in this project for design, is the fact that it is a product free from graphic codes. Because it was never packed, or marketed, cannabis is a virgin product on a design point of view. We have approached the product with no bias. Except for some visual references related to the world of reggae and a certain underground culture, cannabis appears blank and available to all forms of experimentation in packaging design and branding.

From function to design every aspect of this artifact of our market society are studied, compared and analyzed. When you think about it, packaging tells the story of our society, our lifestyle, our habits, and our values, etc. According to Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of music, poetry and healing. The cigar has a small amount of savita cannabis type which tend to be uplifting and creative with celebrally effects. The idea is to introduce a new cannabis product in an elevated term. The Apollo is used as branding image for the product because he illustrates the artistic life style. Such as drinking wine, today smoking cannabis could be considered as a form of “Art de vivre”.