Cheque Gourmet Gum


Via Bergognone, 7, 20144 Milano MI, Italia

Creative Agency: Break
Designer: Luca Franceschi
Key Account: Baris Sinsi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Master Gum and Candies
Location: Milan, Italy

Founded in 1960, Master Chewing Gum and Candies is a Lebanese company specialized in the production of hard candies, chewing gums and sugar free products. Through its brand Cheque, the family run company is launching a line of chewing gums in unconventional flavours (such as mojito or birthday cake). The product will have a soft filing and will be sugar free with no aspartame. It will meet the changing tastes in the MENA and European markets, and will address the concerns of a growing number of consumers considering aspartame detrimental to health.

The new packaging has to stand out on the shelves by leveraging the mouth-watering appeal of the new gums, from their new flavours to their liquid filling.

This new taste experience will be available for the first time on the MENA markets.

The new and unconventional flavours needed to be highlighted to the maximum and the most effective way to do it was through simplicity: on a mostly white background the original ingredients perfectly stand out and so does a gum showing its liquid fill. The only colours used in each pack recall those of these elements in order to give visual unity and convey the overall taste experience more consistently.

On the right, a drop-looking stamp communicates the lost lasting flavour and the absence of sugar and aspartame.