Flying Lake – Legendary Vodka (Student Project)



Designer: Darta Losane
Project Type: Student Project
School: Norwich University of The Arts
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Lucy Blazey, Maria Fletcher
Location: Latvia, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Materials: Glass

Packaging concept design for Latvian premium vodka brand “Flying Lake” based next to the largest lake in the country – Lubans. The brand places itself amongst the best craftsmanship in the country and being proud of their beloved motherland, honours the fertile land around that Lubans has given to them. And there is a lovely story about this lake…

According to a legend, there used to be a lake that got bored from the place it laid. Then, suddenly it got up in the sky and flew towards East, searching for a new sleeping place. The lake flew till it heard two young girls shouting: “The lake is flying! The lake is flying!” It dropped and stayed at the place up till this day.

The brand reveals this very special legend through packaging of the bottle; the handwritten type representing the lake. Also accompanied with lino print as a representative of the landscape of Latvia at the bottom of the bottle. The idea also works across other elements of the brand, like, glass design, cocktail stirrers, coasters and celebration bunting giving the experience of how it would be if the lake were above us and helps the brand to come to life.

What’s Unique?
The beauty of this handwritten type; how the texture of brush has made it feel like waves, especially when it wraps around the clear glass bottle giving the feeling of a lake and less like type. Working in hand with lino print; packaging gives the feeling of craft and home that is so vital and important to the brand. The bottle being clear really emphasizes the depth the wrapping gives to the bottle and making it different each time costumer turns it around.