Lunar New Year Special Invitation (Student Project)



Designer: Cindy Tan
Project Type: Student Project
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Invitation
Packaging Materials: Paper

Lunar New Year occurs on the first day of the first month of the lunar year. This is a special invitation for a celebration in Brooklyn for 2016, the year of the Monkey. Lunar New Year is based on the 15 phases of the moon, reminiscent of the 15 day celebration. This is depicted in the invitation through an interactive element which can be turned to reveal the transition of the new moon to the full moon. The gold color is used throughout to embody the beauty and elegance of the event. It’s significance in Chinese culture is that it is believed to bring great wealth and fortune into the home. The invitation also contains a red envelope, which usually holds money but its purpose here is to reveal the details of the event.