T2 Tea Mini Fruits

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Derrick Lin


Designed by T2 Tea in house design
Designer: Christopher Stanko
Structural Design: Metsa Board
Paperboard Supplier: Metsa Board
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Tea
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Imagine wandering through bustling markets and enchanting souks lined with alluring scents, quirky wares and exotic flavours. A basket of sweet bananas to your left, freshly cut watermelon up ahead. Inspired by bountiful fruit baskets found in bustling marketplaces, T2 Fruits is part of T2’s 2016 Christmas campaign, The Grand Most Exotic Bazaar. Just as nature intended, the T2 Fruits packaging is 100% glue less and environmentally friendly. The design is printed on Metsä Board’s uncoated fresh fibres paperboard to echo the natural feel of the fruit, while the logo has been reworked to resemble tiny fruit stickers. With practicality in mind, T2 Fruits were designed to make it easy for the teas to be popped inside during assembly. Filled with some of T2’s most loved teas, T2 Fruits is a fruit-fuelled festival of flavour.