BerryBon – The vitamin bonbon



Designer: Diana Ghyczy
Founders: Áth-Horváth Zsóka and Magyar Kata
Brand strategy: Kun Judit and Szántó Gábor
Photos: Kovács Kati
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Le Bon Choise
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Packaging Contents: Chocolate bonbon
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: offset printing, Golden foil

My clients asked me to design a logo and packaging for an amazing product. BerryBon is a healthy and delicious bonbon, not only because it was made from the best quality raw materials. This is their own recipe: every bonbon contains enough vitamin D to almost cover the daily needs of an adult.

Kun Judit and Szántó Gábor created the brand strategy: they wanted to communicate differently, than an average chocolate brand does. The brand essence is the unexpectedness, because it’s not a simple dessert: unexpected taste (because of the lightly sour red fruit filling), the qualities (bonbon with vitamin? wow!) and the communication as well. So the slogan became: Unexpect everything!

My task was to design a logo for the ‘Berrybon – The vitamin Bonbon’ brand name. Than a packaging which has a little trick and mirrors the slogan.

What’s Unique?
I had to design a little tricky packaging. This will be a series packaging, this is the first piece. Every packaging will have an illustration – this one is a blond girl, who is swinging upside down in the sunlight. She is wearing slippers, but just one. If you open the box, you’ll find the pair of her slippers with the brand’s slogan: Unexpected everything! – Diana Ghycz