Designer: Yan Petris
Project Type: Concept
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Cigarettes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

ENA is a very personal project trying to find an effective way to reduce smoking.

ENA means one. So every packaging consists of only one cigarette. This is not a real product promoting smoking but a concept that aims to reduce smoking to one per day and ideally quit smoking after this.

There is a series of copy to every packaging that approaches smoking in a “funny” way. The packaging comes also with a series of hashtags. The project designed by Yan Petris and produce by himself in limited numbers.

Four editions of cigarettes create the whole identity (blue-pink-gradient-black) indicating that smoking has no gender color. Influences by Memphis design can be found in all packages shaping the identity of this conceptual cigarette label. Minimal and bold typography forming the primary identity.

What’s Unique?
ENA means one and is the only packaging of cigarettes that you could find one cigarette inside.