Guinness Signature Cocktail Glasses



Creative Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Heineken Malaysia Berhad
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Guinness, Cocktails, Glasses
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Guinness Malaysia adds new dimensions to the iconic stout.
Famous the world over, the iconic Guinness tulip glass was designed to perfect proportions to pour the perfect pint. The signature glass every Guinness is poured in is as famous and iconic as the drink itself. Guinness drinkers expect their Guinness to be served ONLY in its rightful glass.

“To connect with a new crop of drinkers flooded with dozens of alternatives at bars, clubs and speakeasies, we knew that the world’s No.1 selling stout had to go beyond its classic appeal,” said Nick Larkworthy, Marketing Manager for Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

Guinness wanted to be true to their heritage, even while innovating with new concoctions. The ‘Guinness Signature Cocktails’ is a range of Guinness-infused cocktails housed in unique bespoke glassware as iconic as the drink itself.

Just like the famous tulip-shaped pint Guinness is known for, each cocktail comes in its own distinctive glass that hints at the bold cocktail combination inside.

“The fusing of two iconic glasses make a bold statement: the perfect pint is now the perfect cocktail,” added Gavin Simpson, CCO of Ogilvy Malaysia.

Available as a limited edition set of three, the centrepieces of the Guinness Signature Cocktails series are the Guinness Espresso Martini, Guinness Black Velvet and Guinness Irish Winter Mist.

To launch the cocktails, Guinness is allowing people to mix their perfect brew on Instagram and find the Guinness cocktail that fits their palate. Test it out here at

It also introduces them to the larger family of 20 Guinness Signature Cocktails, complete with recipes – so drinkers can try them out at home as well as order it the next time they’re in front of a bartender.

What’s Unique?
These Guinness Iconic tulip glasses are individually hand-blown with cocktail glasses in them.