Kazakhstan’s Premium Beer (Concept)



Creative Agency: Molto Bureau
Graphic Design & Art Direction: Andriy Muzichka
3D Modeling & Rendering: Oleksandr Shestakovych
Project Type: Concept
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: 3D Modeling

Molto Bureau created a new packaging concept for Kazakhstan’s premium beer “Pivzavod No.1”. The goal was to bind national identity adding some modern European design. Besides that it was decided to leave aside the name “Pivzavod No.1” and talk about the foundation date of the brewery and beer styles.

The key element for the case is the simple and well understood symbol – the sun which is main flag element of Kazakhstan. The sun associates with ripe hops and golden tone of the beer. The sun was placed on nominal horizon dividing the can in two parts. It was placed only foundation date of the brewery on the upper part to accentuate on key elements.

The lower part shows the beer style in different colors. Molto Bureau used well known for Kazakh people colors to emphasize on national identity and make them proud of the national product. The signature of brewery owner is used on packaging emphasizing his own responsibility for product quality and his being close to clients.