Designer: Seoev Alexey
Project Type: Concept
Location: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Packaging Contents: Metallic primer
Packaging Materials: Metal, paper

The packaging for the metal primer containing particles of iron. This solution is applied on various surfaces to provide them with magnetic properties.

The design of the label has been inspired by the styling of the album cover of a band playing heavy metal music. The visual game is based on the tune in the names of musical genre and solution for application to walls. The legend of the brand reveals the concept of the product: “Each string craves to the depths of its steel core for rough guitar riffs, unrelenting drive, and crowds of enthusiastic fans. However, those metal threads, which have experienced tension on the legendary electric guitars, are the heroes of the scene and, being exhausted of the frantic pace, crave for something completely different. They imagine their last chord as the apocalyptic heat of a melting furnace, decomposing them into atoms to give another life in the metal primer Magnetic Star. The coating has a strong craving for creativity.” Heavy metal is still alive!