Quaker Instant Oatmeal’s Bring Your Best Bowl Finalists



Creative Agency: Haugaard Creative
Project Type: Commercial/Retail CPG Work
Client: Quaker
Location: Chicago, United States

Quaker Instant Oatmeal recently announced the second wave of their Bring Your Best Bowl promotion with the release of a new carton that includes three packets of each of the three finalist flavors: Lemon Ricotta Pancake, Apple Cheddar Rosemary and Vanilla Chai. Quaker’s Bring Your Best Bowl is a promotional campaign kicked off last year that offered consumers the opportunity to submit their most creative oatmeal recipe ideas with the chance to inspire Quaker’s newest Instant Oatmeal flavor and win a hefty prize of $250,000. Hundreds of thousands of entries were submitted, and only three finalists were selected.

With the Finalists packaging, Quaker gave (voting is now over) America the chance to taste the top three flavors and urging people to vote for their favorite. The winning flavor will be announced next year on an entirely new carton dedicated exclusively to that flavor.

The marketing team’s primary goals were to effectively promote the variety pack of finalist unique flavors available in the sku in a new and exciting, show-stopping way that still resonated with the Quaker Instant Oatmeal brand. While on one hand they wanted the package to grab the consumers’ attention and compel them to learn more about the unusual finalist flavors, on the other they didn’t want to take away from the brand’s integrity and recognizability, hence the very large chevron on the top, and emphasis on the oatmeal product shot. What’s more, they wanted to create a package that broke away from the classic Instant Oatmeal architecture to offer more shelf impact, all while still communicating that this was part of the Bring Your Best Bowl promotion, meaning staying on track with select visual assets used for the first wave of the promotion.

What’s Unique?
We were able to achieve a look and feel that successfully communicated the Bring Your Best Bowl promotion without taking away too much from the Quaker brand identity.

We needed to select colors that would effectively convey the unique flavor selections while also contrasting amongst themselves enough to pop off the carton. We chose colors that also went well together in an effort to create a truly beautiful package.

We infused packaging with a beautiful, natural/artisanal feel by shooting the ingredient cues and oatmeal from a bird’s eye view and setting it on a rustic white wooden backdrop.