Stolen. Volume Five

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Lucy Guernier
Cover Illustrator: Jaimee Paul
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Stolen Publications
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Hardcover Book
Packaging Materials: Paper

Stolen is a bi-annual publication created in 2013 which supports analogue artists and their art. Volume Five is a bumper issue containing over 150 pages and featuring more than 110 artists from 22 countries across the globe, including Egypt, Japan, Italy, Panama, Slovenia, Netherlands, and Brazil. In addition to the beautiful analogue artwork, Volume Five now also includes quotes and comments from the artists themselves; explaining inspiration, creative process and output.

At Stolen, we love the tangible and the tactile. Volume Five features a 3mm board cover, with Jaimee Paul’s hand-drawn beautiful Sumatran tiger printed on custom embossed paper, with a purple foil on the front and back. The packaging was designed to protect the book while being handled in retail stores, whilst still showcasing part of the cover. A purple foil over black card creates mystery whilst tying back into the cover.

What’s Unique?
For Volume Four we created a slipcase that covered most of the cover. Whilst bright, colourful, and beautiful, it didn’t tease the cover enough. With Volume Five we adjusted the slipcase to be cut on an angle – featuring one of the tiger’s eyes and creating that draw-in to the cover.