The Common, Patchway, Bristol, UK

Creative Agency: Arobase Creative
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Wild Health Warriors
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Packaging Contents: Herbal Health Supplements
Packaging Substrate / Materials: White PETE Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printed Labels

Wild Health Warriors are a Chinese inspired health supplements supplier. The range of products have various health benefits from boosting immunity to flu’s, to helping the treatment of high blood pressure. WHW is a brand born in Wales, UK but its specialist herbal ingredients are sourced from Asia.

The business is the creation of two Welsh entrepreneurs who discovered the specialist health benefits of various Chinese botanics while one of the pair was battling cancer. He used the products on himself to keep active and ‘healthy’ while undergoing treatment and it had fantastic results. These products and their benefits were well documented in various research papers but this was far from common knowledge and many of the products were not widely available.

Before the business fully developed, the pair were distributing locally to friends and family on a try before you buy deal and the resounding positive feedback convinced them that they had something worth pursuing. While ‘Wild Health Warriors’ is an apt description for the defensive and combative health benefits of its product, the two Welsh businessmen are the personification of the brand name.

Leaving the inspirational story out of the consumer facing messaging, our challenge was to create a brand, and subsequent packaging, that respects the origins of its product without being overtly ‘oriental’ in aesthetic like many of its competitor brands.

Avoiding industry cliches and oriental iconography such as dragons, yin-yangs or Chinese logograms we developed a series of brand characters that would form the ‘Wild Health Warriors’. Each character, with its own unique stance, is a subtle nod to the health benefits of its product. As for the logo, we created a Wild Health ‘Master’ icon that was older and wiser in appearance and would become the face of the brand, acting as a ‘seal of approval’ on each of the packs.

We took a pharmaceutical approach to the packaging with an all white pack/label combination and relied on small accents of colour to distinguish product range and help provide a clear messaging hierarchy. The inclusion of hand written batch numbers and used by dates emphasise the small team/personal production of the supplements. The solid white PETE bottle is light impermeable and is essential to protecting the botanical ingredients used in the supplements.

What’s Unique?
The clinical brand aesthetic is a unique approach, specifically in the Asian herbal supplements industry. With other light-impermeable substrates available, the all white bottle has stand out shelf presence when seen alongside competitors using amber/green/red bottles.