Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Dow Design Ltd
Creative Director: Donna McCort
Lead Designer: Leonie Whyte
Design Team: Jeannie Burnside
Production/Artwork: Jamie Pettigrew, Ben Dean
Account Service: Simon Wedde, Michael Statham
Digital Director: Michael Evans
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Innova Products Ltd
Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Kitchenware
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Paper
Printing Process: Digital and offset printing

Click Clack – A tidy kitchen is a tidy mind
Our client was in the food container business. Ironically that’s a pretty messy and confusing place, for something that is supposed to help you get more organised. And that was really our Aha! moment. We saw it as a great opportunity for our client to be genuinely helpful. Tada! Click Clack Your Food Friend was born. A brand that talks to you, and helps you make sense of all those container options. What for what? What will fit my 900g bag of flour? Can I cook with this one? This makeover of an already established brand has opened up new retail doors that the brand had never dreamed of. Funny how a filling a genuine gap, together with some very smart design, can really get things cooking.